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I did my CS engineering in Osmania University and presently part of the corporate world . Logic fascinates me,solving puzzles is my favorite time pass.I am passionate about programming and latest technology. I spend my free time in reading books,trying new tunes on my casio. Music and books are my second love..! Personally i am simple girl,very enthusiastic,friendly and fun loving.. I follow the statement "anythings that happens,happens for good sake"....i always move forward with lot of hope and strong belief in myself. I am confident enough to turn my dreams into reality! when you are determined and love the work you do,success always lies at your door steps! Keep smiling,it costs nothing but it gives lot of happiness to you and people around you!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Life Changes!!

School Days

          Our schools reopened in JUNE and we settled at our new desks and benches.Full attendance in class. Everyone with a broad smile and may be with a new bag and new attire with neatly covered books, labeling with them either with famous cartoon pictures or fancy things.We started chasing each other in corridors on first day itself and return drenched in sweat.Waiting for those Morning Assembly where whole school appeared at one place divided as kindergarten,primary and secondary Sections.Always in a hurry to be a part of secondary school. As soon as we received our new Time table the first class we searched was for Extra curricular periods like PT, Library,Music. A single PT class's timetable was awaited more eagerly than monsoons Excited about the festivals of school Sports day and Annual day where we received a break from uniform.It was the time when all the colors in the world appeared in the school campus. we never tired supporting our house on sports day.Most enjoyable time of school were those one month preparations for Annual day and sports for which we would forgo our classes taking special permissions. Always fighting for the positions of class monitor, house captains,school captains. We looked at School captains with an awe.Proud to be a teacher's pet. Participating in all those debates,Science fair was considered as achievement. we would cry for if we lose a single mark. Being first in class was top priority.Never failed to attend picnics and tours.
We learned,we played,we enjoyed,we won,we lost,we made so many friends, we fought with so many people yet at the end of the day we were friends back again. we were so naive with no hard feelings,no responsibility, no duty. The days of fun and Enjoyment with no thoughts about future.

College Life

Its all about FREEDOM.People start treating us as adults. Its no a big deal when our college started because with some or other reason we were always in college..we started taking own decisions. Always trying to explore the  world around us.With lots of zeal we work hard to be successful. Always in a journey to achieve our goals. Never want to attend classes , by chance even if we did we always search for the last bench. Sitting in first bench was biggest crime [:D :D} Maintaining a single book for all subjects either for one semester or all years [:P :D] fight with people because of ego differences.Being class monitor was Biggest punishment. Always pleading sir for attendance. Don't even what subject we are preparing for exams yet everyone gets good marks.Never on time to college.Nil attendance in class and full attendance in sports room. Participating in various clubs.Organizing events was the Enjoyable part of college.Seniors were always busy raging and juniors were always busy escaping from seniors. Being teacher's pet was a big joke.Bunking was top priority. Believed in experiments rather than books. Feeling of responsibility and duties. Searching for different projects to add in our resumes. Friendship is considered as major part of life. cell phones and ipods are big addiction. we might forget carrying our books to college but never forgot to carry our cell phone .[:P :P]and our phones are flooded with message " Did Lecturer come to class? Is class going? Attendance over ah? can i come in? "...(lol...miss all those messages now.. [:(] )

Its about fun of Having first bike,spending first night out, first bunk,first presentation,first project,first feeling of responsibility,First vote,first job,first call letter and a last Bye to all friends with a promise to stay Friends Forever :) :)

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Gautam Muduganti said...

I guess your next post will be "How life changes after entering the corporate world" :D

Anyways nice post. :)