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I did my CS engineering in Osmania University and presently part of the corporate world . Logic fascinates me,solving puzzles is my favorite time pass.I am passionate about programming and latest technology. I spend my free time in reading books,trying new tunes on my casio. Music and books are my second love..! Personally i am simple girl,very enthusiastic,friendly and fun loving.. I follow the statement "anythings that happens,happens for good sake"....i always move forward with lot of hope and strong belief in myself. I am confident enough to turn my dreams into reality! when you are determined and love the work you do,success always lies at your door steps! Keep smiling,it costs nothing but it gives lot of happiness to you and people around you!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My First Job ...First Offer Letter..!!

It has been almost more than five months that I received my first offer letter…my first JOB….yet those memories remain as fresh as ever.. :-)
The day started like every other day except that the day was filled with lot of anxiety .My dad left to office wishing me good luck, my sister counting on the number of treats she would be getting and my mom asking me if I would be going on time at least that day( lol..i was late again..!!). I was not at all nervous until my phone rang . It was from co-PC asking me to sing a prayer song…( My mom’s dream!!)..my reply was very instant.."lol..you should be kidding..!! No way am I singing on stage “…after a lot of argument finally I agreed to sing(lol… still can’t believe I sang..uff)…
So with full excitement about my new challenge I entered college….. where I met Gowtham from ECE( hope I spelt his name correct.. :D) greeting me with a huge smile on his face
“Hey Pradeepthi !! Congrats you are now a job holder”
"This is not good time to pull my leg…. I am already nervous don’t make any more nervous “
“I am not pulling your leg, seriously you are placed”
“Great! Which company?”
"Its confidential you are not supposed to know...” with a big grin.
I guess all who know me would have already guessed what my reaction was at that moment..!! . The similar conversation happened almost thrice and I bribed them to let the facts out…I won and got to know that I got into TCS..!!(Wow..!! Lastly)
The time for huge task arrived when our PO sir announced my name in singers list, I was on stage don’t know how I sang but I felt extremely blissful. Celebrating my joy I skipped the announcement of CTS recruits list and joined the crowd at the end of the list. Next is TCs list ….this time no fingers crossed coz I already knew I was in. Yeah but a surprise was in store, TCS was giving a offer letter to all the recruits….( whoa..!! my first offer letter, a proof for my first job!!)… !!
All my friends wwere placed on same day, a big day to celebrate and so were our celebrations. Lunch with friends, 3 IDIOTS movie and dinner with family…!!
As a final point, our celebrations didn’t end that day, it continued through out the night coz its new year….yeah I was placed on Dec 31st 2009.


Gautam Muduganti said...

And you still owe us a party ;)

Anyways, nice to see you have resurrected your blog after 6 months. :)

Pradeepthi Desiraju said...

yes i did,finally got ample time to write articles that were supposed to be published long ago :)