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I did my CS engineering in Osmania University and presently part of the corporate world . Logic fascinates me,solving puzzles is my favorite time pass.I am passionate about programming and latest technology. I spend my free time in reading books,trying new tunes on my casio. Music and books are my second love..! Personally i am simple girl,very enthusiastic,friendly and fun loving.. I follow the statement "anythings that happens,happens for good sake"....i always move forward with lot of hope and strong belief in myself. I am confident enough to turn my dreams into reality! when you are determined and love the work you do,success always lies at your door steps! Keep smiling,it costs nothing but it gives lot of happiness to you and people around you!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Neccesity of Change.

"Four more months left to enjoy"
"I would surely miss all my friends!"
"I can't bunk anymore"
"Yeah..!! finally we are completing our fourth year! what a struggle"
"what am i going to do after this?"
These are the statements I am hearing quite often these days. after few months we are officially called as "Engineers". Too excited about it and at the same time nervous too. I think every engineer passes this phase. So there would be nothing new in my thoughts or actions. I sure do miss my friends,college,bunking,canteen,silly talks...
When i think on other side there comes the question "what is waiting for me now?". I tried to find answer for this..!! Here it goes..!!

When I look back, I see a group of happy tree friends who attended school daily, playing all the time, tensed about unit test(lol...now i can't stop laughing at those tense moments....!!). when i stepped out from such a happy place I was exposed to lot of new things. Firstly no uniform( uff...sometimes i miss that though but sure i don't want a uniform!! ), new lecturers who given a chance would sit 24hrs with us and inject all those "gone over my head" physics laws, a long list of chemical formulas and encyclopedia of maths..!! Secondly, lot of new people with different mentalities ...what not! a new experience,a new challenge.....above all i am still with my "happy tree friends"

" Each time you complete a phase you are exposed to a new world,you are moving a head in exploring the world"

Some very exciting life is waiting for all of us for which we should feel happy and joyous. Store your sweet memories,make them as your strength and work for your new life..!!
Stop worrying and collect as many memories as you can in the left over time..!!

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